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    904 / 904L Sheets & Plates

    It gives good resistance to stress corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion. Grade 904L stainless steel is non-magnetic and provides superior form ability, toughness as well as weld ability.

    Test Certificate: All 904L plates available with its mill test certificate related to its markings.

    Typical Composition:

    Chromium: 19-23%
    Nickel: 23-28%
    Molybdenum: 4-5%
    Copper: 1-2%
    Manganese: 2% max
    Silicon: 1% max
    Carbon: 0.02% max
    Phosphorous: 0.045% max
    Sulfur: 0.035%
    Iron: Balance

    904L grade is useful in instrumentation & control tubing applications.

    Typical Applications:

    Utility scrubber assemblies
    Heat exchangers
    Acetic, sulphuric & phosphoric acid processing plants
    Gas washing
    Acid and fertilizer production equipment
    Condenser tubes
    Seawater cooling equipments